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What is one of the most important things in marriage life?

One of life's most significant events is marriage. Making a commitment to someone is both amazing and difficult. Living together as a couple can not be as easy as it sounds. Remember that having mutual respect and understanding are essential elements of a healthy relationship, but that it's also okay to take occasional time for yourself. Every beginning is easy, but the middle of the journey is often challenging and uneven. Marrying your partner can be like that—differences of opinion, polar opposite mindsets, and a lack of willingness to compromise on both sides result in a never-ending cycle of husband-wife relationship issues and circumstances you never anticipated.

Only by consulting Anji Swamy's divine power of astrology and astrologer skills can you resolve this husband-wife issue and prevent your marriage from ending prematurely.

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What are the factors that contribute to marital problems?

When Mars is in the eighth house, the house of delays, and Jupiter, the seventh lord of marriage, is retrograde, the individual's marriage may be postponed. The 8th house's significator is Mars.

When the child is more focus on their career and it leads to reduces to number of choices.

If Jupiter is weak in your birth chart and located in the 6th or 8th house, you may have Manglik Dosh--a condition in which you feel driven to perform good deeds. The 6th house represents challenges, while the 8th house represents delays.

The conjoining of Jupiter and Saturn means that both are weakened.

Another reason for delayed marriages is that in our society, girls should be married when they are good candidates for marriage. If a girl waits too long to get married, then there are fewer eligible men around to choose from.




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What are the ways to solve relationship problems?

By chanting astrological mantras related to Jupiter, you can help bring about positive changes in your life.

Build a strong, warm physical and emotional bond between the couple.

Help others in need. Be empathetic and understanding.

If you're hoping to meet a good match, apply a turmeric tilak on your forehead.

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