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What do you mean by family?

Families are the most important things in the world because they provide a sense of security, love, and support for us. A family can be the biggest influence on your life and give you a sense of belonging. They provide support for your problems. When you need help, know that they'll be there for you. It forges a strong bond that requires everyone to work together and get along in order for there to be a permanent, loving connection. It's the best family that makes the most of life's ups and downs and turns them into a call for action. In the case of ecstasy and compassion, there will be a variety of viewpoints, attitudes, and ways of life. Your family is your best line of defense against life's storms and adversities. You'll feel energized, refreshed from life's stress, and filled with excitement and a positive outlook.

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Why do family problems occur?

Family conflicts occur when members have divergent views on how to spend their lives and raise their children. People have different ideas about what is best for them and their families. They also have different ways to express those ideas which can lead to conflicts among family members. Family problems are often a result of painful experiences in childhood like misunderstanding, different priorities, or neglect that make later family relations difficult. The more problems between parents and children during childhood, the worse the problems become as an adult.

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How will Anji Swamy help you improve things and bring peace to your family?

Astrology is a way of understanding and predicting the future by studying the positions of the planets in relation to each other. In ancient times, many people used astrology to solve their problems because it is the oldest aspect of our lives. Our Kundli is a birth chart that can be used to predict future events and view our life path. The twelve houses in our horoscope contain all the planets which move along predetermined pathways and lanes and spend a set amount of time in each house. Activities and challenges change depending on how far along our path they are at any given point in time. Anji Swamy is a well-known and reliable astrologer whose horoscope readings are quite popular among Californians. Our astrologer has the knowledge of the art of interpreting horoscopes due to her family's reputation as renowned Kundli readers. His research is thorough and educational, and in order for people to understand the issues and difficulties they encounter at various points in their lives, He focuses on both good things and bad things. His horoscope session teaches people how to cope with family issues in the greatest way possible, offering real solutions that help people solve those issues.

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Astrologer Anji Swamy

Due to his honesty and diligence, he has earned a reputation as a respected astrologer and provides astrological advice to anyone who seeks it. He is a practitioner for over 25+ years and spends most of his time learning as much as possible about astrology. His life revolves around astrology as he likes to consult people on various matters. Some of his clients have given valuable feedback about his work.

Jasper Law

California, USA


I went with him for a horoscope reading and very good experience, he was able to find my birth chart and predicted my future surrounding my job. I am happy with his prediction. Highly recommended to everyone.

Lauren Clifton

Florida, USA


I am totally impressed by his predictions and analysis. I got all my remedies and worship materials from astrologer Anji Ji. I highly recommend this for all you California astrology lovers.

Eric Staples

California, USA


I would like to thank you for all the help your healing sessions have given to my family. You're a great healer, and you work with dedication. I sincerely appreciate that you are always willing to lend a hand when we need it.

Drew Smith

San Diego, USA


Regarding her understanding of astrology, he has consistently been dependable, accurate, and consistent. Knowing a few things about myself has made me very happy, and I have the utmost pleasure in recommending her.